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We are a free site trying to combine site features from auctions, classified listings and swap meets. Items can be posted as a one-time sale or as a storefront with inventory. All payment and accounting features are integrated into our site. Users can post digital downloads, local items and items for shipping. Although some future listing features may have a minor fee associated with them, for the most part it will not cost you anyhting to post, list or buy on this site.

You may wish to list all of your items with a specific ending time and have a virtual garage sale or estate sale with pick-up the following day.

A offer (bid) is an actual offer. We are not running a "Proxy Bidding" service. When a customer states they willing pay, $35.00 for an item, the highest offer is then $35.00. This ensures a fair market value for both buyers and sellers alike.

With our anti-sniping feature when a bid is placed during the final few minutes of an auction, a few minutes are added to the end of the auction to allow for outbidding. This stops buyers from placing a last second bid without giving time to be outbid.

If you wish to have a fundraiser or large one-time sale and need signs or a banner to promote your event, we can help suply these items for you. It is also advisable to promote your event online or in the newspaper as well. We can set ALL of your posted items to end at a specific time allowing for auctions to end and items to be shipped or picked up.

We are open to suggestions and would appreciate your input on making this site more useful.

TheTradingPlace Team

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